Our Story

Uprooted from his country of birth, Thuli grew up in the UK with a scattered knowledge of Sri Lanka but there was one constant reminder of his roots: the marvellous array of flavours, colours, and textures of Sri Lankan home-cooking. However, apart from his mother’s and aunties’ cooking (and a handful of restaurants in East Ham, Tooting, and Wembley) it was a struggle to find Sri Lankan food that reminded him of home.

Thuli soon hatched a plan to establish a brand that should become synonymous with Sri Lankan food in the minds of Londoners. The result of that plan is Pol Boy.

Pol Boy is brazen but still respects the tradition of Sri Lanka. Pol Boy is representative of all the different people who call Sri Lanka a home and proves food can be a connector for people against all odds. Above all, Pol Boy represents contemporary Sri Lanka and does not look toward a colonial past for inspiration.