Serendip Supper Club

Serendip is an Old Persian name for Sri Lanka. It is also the etymological root of the word serendipity. It is said that serendipity is the hungry traveller’s strongest ally: many of their most memorable meals issue from the hands of generous strangers. Serendip Supper Club is a space for strangers in London to discover the joys of Sri Lankan culture through the island’s food.

The menu at Pol Boy’s Serendip Supper Club uses a mix of traditional family recipes and an amalgamation of flavours inspired by a British-Sri Lankan upbringing. The recipes do not rely on expensive ingredients because its heart and soul lies in the alchemy of flavour. .At Serendip Supper Club you will find food that is unapologetically Sri Lankan in flavour. 

Aside from the food, music is central element at Serendip Supper Club. The dining experience will be accompanied by an eclectic mix of sounds from all around the world, ranging from electronica, funk, jazz, soul, and more.

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